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My Car and Yours

WELCOME! Please excuse the mess!

This Web site is "under construction" so thank you for your patience. I will be working on it in my spare time, which is little, so bear with me.

For the time being most of the links are still in their "example" form. This is a free domain and when you start a site they give you pre-made sites with existing examples of what a site would look like for you to learn from and edit. This site focused on automobiles so the links reflect that until I can get to them and edit their content. Again, thanks for your patience.

What's to come?

Life according to me! HA! Like you care what some guy you've never met has to say about life. Well, maybe after you read a little you will change your mind... or maybe not. ;) There will be humor as well as straight talk, so enjoy what you will and may God bless you each!

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Car Audio: One of my hobbies
Look for more of this in the future on the pics page.

Skillet: My favorite band

It just doesn't get any better then this. ;)